Enchantment at Hamilton
Homeowners’ Association, Inc.

Rules and Regulations

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I.                               CONSISTENCY WITH ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS: 

These Rules and Regulations are a Restatement by authority of the Board of Trustees of the rules set forth in the Resident Policies Handbook  and of the Rules and Regulations set forth as Exhibit A of the Declaration of Restrictive and Protective Covenants,  Easements,  Conditions,  Charges and Liens( the Declaration)  within the Public Offering Statement.  These Restated Rules and Regulations are to be interpreted and applied in a manner consistent with the intent and meaning of  the Declaration,  as well as with the intent and meaning of The By-Laws of Enchantment at Hamilton Homeowners’ Association, Inc.(the By-Laws).  In the event of an inconsistency between one or more of these Rules and Regulations and the provisions of the Declaration and/or By-Laws,  the Declaration and/or By-Laws shall control.


II.              DEFINITIONS:
“Association  shall mean The Enchantment at Hamilton

                              Homeowners’ Association, Inc.

   B.        “Board  shall refer to the Association Board of Trustees as

               provided for in Article IV of the By-Laws.

   C.        “Common Grounds  or “ Common Areas”  shall mean all areas

of Enchantment at Hamilton other than the individual Homeowners’ lots/homes and other than the Recreational Common Grounds” (defined below).  Common Grounds/Areas is understood to include streets,  sidewalks,  walking paths,  natural areas,  the gate/entrance area,  retention and/or detention basins,  streams and ponds.  These may also be referred to as Non-Recreational Common Grounds.

   D.        “Community  shall mean Enchantment at Hamilton including its

Residents,   Homeowners,  Property,  and all buildings and facilities thereon.

   E.         “Guest  shall mean anyone visiting a Resident.

   F.         “Homeowner  or  “Owner”  shall mean the legal owner of a

               home/lot within the Community.

   G.        “Household  shall mean an individual home and the Residents


   H.        “Property  shall mean all of the property,  buildings,  homes and

facilities within Enchantment at Hamilton,  including the Common Grounds and the Recreational Common Grounds.


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